Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Kim Kardashian Effect

Today’s announcement that Kim Kardashian will adorn the cover of the new beauty book ‘Face to Face’ authored by Scott Barnes, truly caught my attention. How does Ms. Kardashian continue to galvanize the attention of the media (yes, including yours truly) and the public alike?

I’ve decided the answer must be -The Kim Kardashian Effect....

Dash Boutique


Virgins Saints and Angels Jewelry line

Kim Kardashian Fragrances

…and of course the family reality show(s), are but (yes- pun intended) a few of the many ventures Kim Kardashian is involved with. Speaking of involved, the continual back-story (yes -pun intended again) of whom Ms. Kardashian is romantically linked with, is basically headline news. In other words……

The Kim Kardashian Effect

Has anyone ever monetized their assets (ok- last pun intended) at the level of Ms. Kardashian? Despite the anti-Kardashian sentiment that exists, Ms. Kardashian forges ahead. Do I like all things Kim Kardashian? Not really. In fact the only time I’ve seen a bit of her show is while in the gym. I guess a Kim K fan preceded my arrival. However, I do respect the women’s determination, work ethic, perseverance and seemed business acumen. If the complaint about Ms. Kardashian, is her limited talent, then in my opinion, I’m even more impressed. Beautiful woman in Los Angeles, and for that matter in any large city in the world are plentiful. Those whom label Kim K as a “limited talent” might rethink their position. To maximize limited talent to the degree Ms. Kardashian has, is well, an impressive talent-wouldn’t you agree? As a matter-of-fact, the woman must be extremely talented to have created the Kim K brand and grown it in today’s economy. It must be....

The Kim Kardashian Effect

The more I think about it, the more I take my hat off to Kim Kardashian. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Isn’t that the credo of every success, or inspirational story? Let’s just say Kim K’s initial claim to fame, was at minimum, inauspicious. Yes, her relationship antics, etc. are fodder for the tabloids. Yet, Ms. Kardashian has weathered every storm with dogged determination, and with an optimistic outlook, and somehow maintained her vulnerability-admirable. Sure, living one’s personal life in front of cameras isn’t my idea of a cool drink-but (I know I promised-this is positively the last pun intended) it’s not my life. Underneath it all, Kim K seems to be a nice girl that’s figuring life out, doing the best she knows how. She likes nice things, enjoys travel and having fun, and is looking for love. Ummm….pretty much what every single woman wants. The difference, like it or not, is Ms. Kardashian has found a way to do it with panache and in front of the cameras. In other words....

The Kim Kardashian Effect


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