Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Lolo Jones and Hope Solo 2012 London Olympics Effect

Lori "Lolo" Jones

Hope Solo

Alfred Lord Tennyson in his poem “Locksley Hall‘ wrote these famous words, “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.”

This year, spring isn’t just monopolizing the fancy of young men.  Quite a few women are having thoughts of love and with a little help from Twitter letting the whole world know about it. Ah, the beauty of today’s technology and social media.

The 2012 Summer Olympics will take place in London from July 27- August 12.  Track and Field star, Lori “Lolo” Jones and Team USA Superstar goalkeeper Hope Solo,  have just added a little extra spice to this years Games. Jones and Solo have publicly announced they are looking for more than Olympic gold-they want LOVE! The Olympics must-see meter TV meter just sky-rocketed. I’ve decided to call it …

The Lolo Jones and Hope Solo Effect

Beautiful women that are world-class athletes,  letting the world know they are single, available and looking for love is a storyline that’s too hard to resist. Lolo Jones and Hope Solo will certainly be “trending” for the foreseeable future.  Since the 2011 World Cup, Hope Solo has become a media Superstar, as well known for her beauty as her fierce competitiveness on the field. Ms. Jones is primarily known in the world of Track and Field having won multiple World Championships in the 60m hurdles.  However, that may have just changed. Ms. Jones with the help of Twitter,  is on the precipice of cross-over, budding Superstar territory with her  tweet that basically stated….

“I’m a  29-year old virgin”

Ms. Jones has expressed that remaining a virgin has been more difficult than training to compete at World Championships and Olympic Games.  Ms. Jones wants to give her virginity as a  wedding gift to her husband. Some fortunate man out there has in my opinion a truly incredible gift waiting for him. Might it be one of you? I’ve been a fan of “Lolo” Jones for years.  Her story has been truly inspiring.  The challenges Ms. Jones has overcome are incredible. As proof , HBO Real Sports is profiling her tonight. Here’s a clip of the interview:

Lori Jones and Hope Solo,  I hope you both realize your goals on and off the field. Millions, for sure will be cheering you on. At this moment, men are preparing their marriage proposal signs globally.  How high will the ratings be when  Hope Solo and  Lori “Lolo” Jones take the field this summer at the London Olympics? We’ll find out soon. Till then, thank you for launching…

The Lolo Jones and Hope Solo 2012 Olympic Effect

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