Monday, June 10, 2013

New Xbox 360 On Sale Today!

LOS ANGELES - Microsoft laid rumors to rest by announcing a new Xbox 360 during their conference at E3. Yusuf Mehdi introduced the new, sleeker console to the throng assembled.

Yusuf Mehdi announces the new Xbox 360 console. Screen shot from press conference livestream.

Mehdi also stated the console is available today. 

Screen shot from press conference livestream.
Here's where one has to understand what or more appropriately where, the console is available today. Excitedly,  I trekked to the local Microsoft Store only to be shown an older Xbox 360 by the Microsoft sales rep, who then inquired if I meant the Xbox One. Next, a shrug of the shoulders when I insisted at E3 today, a new Xbox 360 console had been advertised as available today. 

Ok, next to GameStop. At least the GameStop rep was aware of the console, and was willing to take a pre-order. Ok, if this console is available today, the question is where?

To make a long story short, is where the  new Xbox 360 console is available today.  Take a look at this screen shot from the web site:

 Hopefully this post will help you avoid the time, frustration and expense of searching for the new Xbox 360, I just incurred. Will you be accepting Microsoft's invitation?


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