Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence - "Fat" or "Fine" in Hollywood?


Jennifer Lawrence - Hollywood's newest "It" girl -  has weighed in on the debate of what's considered healthy and what's considered fat for women today.  In the latest issue of Elle magazine, Lawrence reportedly shared these thoughts, "In Hollywood, I'm obese." She continued, " I'm considered a fat actress..."


When the fashion world took umbrage to Kate Upton being named Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Girl, because she's "too healthy" (fashion speak for chubby, ok fat) i was compelled to share my viewpoint (Kate Upton-Too "Chubby" For A Supermodel?)

Here i am again. What am i missing? Why the fascination with dress size? If casting the "right" female lead is important to box office receipts, is Hollywood saying skinny sells? Once again i ask...


Let's take a brief photo-walk down memory lane in Hollywood:

These Hollywood icons are just that - Hollywood ICONS! I never met any of them, but skinny is not a word I'd use to describe Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren. Yet their legacies are intact and continue to grow. These women were more than skin and bones, they were/are fascinating women! Fascinating women thru sheer force of personality!

Jennifer Lawrence stars in the soon--to-be released film 'Silver Linings Playbook'. This clip defines another definition for Ms. Lawrence:

Captivating women drives box office. Women with personality capture the hearts and souls of men and women alike whether they be size 0 or size whatever. Sure i know i'm just a guy and have confessed to having more experience with women size 0-6 (outside of an occasional dalliance) , but i'm learning....

So, here's to Jennifer Lawrence and all women who are determined to eat what they want, and be happy and not be overly concerned about Hollywood or any other standards for what's healthy outside of their own.

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