Monday, November 12, 2012

'Skyfall' Review : Does Bond Still Have It?

50 years and still strong, 007 is the longest running film franchise ever. With 50 years under his belt though, has Bond reached new heights with Skyfall or has he been shot down by our old adversary, time?

Skyfall is a different beast than any previous Bond movie. As is the tradition of Bond films the main premise is 007 gets assigned by M to take down some vigilante or group that threatens London or any of it’s allies. Along the way he kills countless armed guards, agents and more, all the while wooing every woman that he comes across on his perilous journey. In Skyfall that premise still exists, but for the most part it takes a back seat as this story centers itself on the life of being a secret agent and the impact it has. For the first time, it shows a more human element to Bond. No longer is Bond just a killing machine taking orders from the head of MI6. Bond starts asking the dear question, “Why am I doing what I’m doing?”. Along the way we learn a little about Bond’s past and ultimately what makes him tick. 

Bond may be the hero of the story, however M is the major influence why MI6 is being threatened. This leaves M in a much more vulnerable position than seen before and now has to try to defend her position to keep MI6 relevant to the government. As the movie progresses, M must rely increasingly upon Bond to keep both MI6, and herself, safe. Bond and M’s relationship is more like a mother and a son. M may have made some rash decisions, but at the end of it all they need each other and they know it.

Overall the movie keeps a brisk pace. No scene is longer than it needs to be and keeps the plot movie forward. Skyfall tells a very compelling story of secret agents trying to protect what they love while learning their answer to the question, “Why I am I doing this?”. For any Bond fan this is a must see film. For those who aren’t particular Bond fans or are new to the franchise, this movie still merits a view. 

If Skyfall is any indication of 007‘s future, then it looks like Bond has quite sometime before he puts down his trusty Walther PPK. 

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